Automate SQL Reports with SQL-RD: The Leading Automation Scheduler for SSRS Reports

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Hundreds of companies of varying verticals and sizes rely on SQL Server’s reporting system. Known as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), it is used to design and generate reports on a scheduled or adhoc basis. SSRS has a basic scheduler designed for simple automated report distribution, but what if your business requires a complex event driven automation scheduler? What if you not only needed to automate SQL reports, but you require tasks to be automated such as database updates or system alerts?

SQL-RD goes beyond the report scheduling capabilities of SSRS to offer a comprehensive business process scheduling engine. This automation scheduler can drive reports based on changes in a database, the existence of files, or based on time. SQL-RD can Data Drive SSRS reports regardless of your edition of SSRS. Moreover, SQL-RD’s data driven and dynamic features enable report parameters to be auto populated from databases at runtime and sent to dynamic list of recipients. This means that rather than creating multiple subscriptions for an SSRS report, the SQL Server admin needs only to create a single Data Driven or Dynamic Schedule.

With SQL-RD, you can do more than automate SQL reports. Business process automation is a key component of SQL-RD’s functions. As an automation scheduler, SQL-RD can perform simple tasks such as running programs or moving/deleting files, to  complex tasks such as triggering SSIS packages, SQL Scripts, and updating databases. SQL-RD can even execute queries, format them (in excel, csv, etc), and then deliver the exported query to a specified destination!

Combining both report scheduling and task automation enables users to create complex workflows. SQL-RD has been employed by numerous companies to automate processes such as order fulfillment, sales dispatch, and invoicing. Zintel, a leading communications firm in New Zealand, relies on SQL-RD for their call reporting. The automation scheduler enables them to deliver thousands of reports with uniquely customized formats. With this enhanced report delivery system, Zintel not only saved over $100,000 dollars in time and development costs, but overall customer service quality has been improved.

With SQL-RD operating these processes, businesses can spend more time adding value to their internal and external customers. Firms with a focus on both cost reduction and efficiency often turn to SQL-RD to not only automate SQL reports, but to optimize all parts of their business. You can learn more about SQL-RD by visiting

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