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ChristianSteven Software Gives Healthcare Industry a New Ally to Balance BI-HIPAA Compliance Concerns

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Charlotte, NC, November 16, 2009 – ChristianSteven Software Ltd., provider of business automation and BI report  scheduling software, announced today that it has forged a new partnership to  give their channel partners and healthcare customers access to much-needed  HIPAA expertise. Thirty-year security/HIPAA veteran Ross Leo of the Supremus  Group will serve to educate and counsel ChristianSteven channel partners on  HIPAA laws. Leo will guide partners on how to build HIPAA-compliant reports,  conduct a thorough review of BI reports generated with the ChristianSteven  software, and provide customers a statement of HIPAA compliance that verifies  their use of ChristianSteven software meets or exceeds HIPAA requirements.

The HIPAA-BI partnership coincides with new HIPAA security breach  requirements scheduled to take effect in 2010 and the U.S. government’s push  for electronic medical records. Five percent of the $8 million clinical  information systems market is estimated to come from data and analysis. When  electronic healthcare records become the norm, experts project that demand for  data mining will grow as policymakers and healthcare companies search for information  about healthcare practices and trends.

There’s a wealth of information the industry can mine that will enable them  to deliver better, higher-quality healthcare, but certain data elements must be  removed in order to maintain patient privacy. Unfortunately, says Leo, “this  de-identification process often yields BI reports that contain little business  insight. By using the ChristianSteven tool properly,” he says, “we can clear  away a lot of confusion and still create highly-insightful BI reports without  exposing data covered by privacy laws.”

“The new partnership signifies ChristianSteven’s ongoing commitment to our  customers and partners,” says ChristianSteven channel and partner alliances  director Ken Beam. “Leo’s 30 years experience in information systems and  security, 10 which were dedicated to HIPAA, and his industry leadership as  executive director of the HIPAA Conformance Certification Organization (HCCO)  are tremendous assets. By engaging Leo, our channel partners gain a HIPAA ally  they can tap for advice, while ChristianSteven customers gain assurance that  their use of our software and the BI reports they generate adhere to HIPAA  laws.

For more information or to sign up for the ChristianSteven channel partner  program, go to,  or contact Ken Beam at 888-781-8966 x700.

About ChristianSteven Software Ltd.:
ChristianSteven Software (  is a global supplier of business intelligence and business process automation  software to more than 1000 companies. Each product, including the Managed  Infrastructure Services, is structured to ensure it can be customized and  scaled to meet the needs of large multi-national companies or those with  changing and expanding structures.

With locations in the USA and Europe, ChristianSteven Software’s  professional personnel ensure that all products and consultancy services are  customer-focused and will add quantifiable, bottom-line value by giving company  decision makers critical business information they need to rapidly adjust to  changes in their market.

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