OEM Branded License Partnerships

Gain a competitive advantage by enhancing your solutions with world class business process automation and reports scheduling from ChristianSteven.

In these challenging times customers are demanding more from solutions and want system-generated information at their fingertips quickly and automatic processes to improve the efficiency of their business.

Take the lead in your market sector by partnering with ChristianSteven Software. Our innovative branded strategy combined with a flexible licensing model allows you to integrate our products with yours and exceed the ever-changing and increasing expectations of your customers.

What is the branded license model?

ChristianSteven provides you with one or more of its fully supported solutions under a special license allowing you to brand and sell it as your own. It’s as simple as that!

Why Partner with ChristianSteven?

ChristianSteven Software is a premier developer of high quality, clean professional software solutions. Our products are unique with flexible, intuitive interfaces and rich functionality to match.

The company is a global supplier of Business Intelligence and Business Process Automation software, producing exceptionally robust solutions, providing you with the reliability to concentrate on your core business solutions.

Partnering with ChristianSteven will:

1) Increase your revenue – Your customers already have the needs and pains that our solutions address. Your customers will love the new enhancements you can now offer.

2) Build your brand – ChristianSteven Software will integrate seamlessly into your application by adopting your look and feel. You will be able to enhance customer loyalty to your brand.

3) Increase your speed to market -
ChristianSteven will help to integrate the products into your application quickly and easily, so you can start selling immediately.

4) Reduce your own costs – The products will be available within your own business to increase productivity and reduce costs.

For more information, view our OEM Program Guide, or contact the Partnerships Department at 1-888-781-8966 ext. 700