SQL-RD for SQL Services Reporting Services: Schedule MS SQL Reports

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When you need to manage several SSRS installations with a single automation tool, SQL-RD, the scheduler for Microsoft SQL Services Reporting Services is the solution for you. SQL server reporting services or SSRS lets you create interactive, tabular, graphical, or free-form reports from relational, multidimensional, or XML-based data sources. 

You can also publish MS SQL reports, schedule report processing, or access reports on-demand. SSRS automation software also helps you to create ad hoc reports based on predefined models, and to interactively explore data within the model. You may choose different viewing formats, export reports to other applications, and subscribe to published reports. The reports created by SSRS can be also be viewed over a web-based connection or as part of a Microsoft Windows application or SharePoint site. 

SQL Services Reporting Services is a server based SQL reporting system that offers comprehensive reporting functionality for a variety of data sources. It includes a complete set of tools that can be used in the generation, management and delivery of MS SQL reports. SQL-RD is quick to set up and simple to use and can eliminate repetitive tasks and manual processes. You can also write and execute complex business process automation scripts or macros using SQL-RD’s custom tasks. To use SQL-RD, you simply have to set up a schedule for the time, day, month for the report to be run and specify the required format for the output. SQL-RD gives you the flexibility to select formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, RTF, Acrobat or text. 

Devised to support different reporting requirements, SQL-RD offers a very strong scheduling platform. The management of SQL Services Reporting Services becomes simple with SQL-RD and it can be tailored to suit a variety of reporting needs. It saves time and money by helping you to schedule and regulate MS SQL reports on numerous servers from a single application. It can also export or send the reports to multiple printers, file transfer protocol, email folders, fax and mobile devices. 

When business process management and quality control is important for an organization, it needs to use effective tools to infuse more efficiency in the daily operations. SQL-RD can make it simple to manage critical business reports. Other automation tools include the Crystal report scheduler and the MS Access report scheduler. To know more about SQL Reporting Services and SQL-RD, simply visit:

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