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ChristianSteven Software’s solutions for Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services transform your business by offering a powerful array of business process automation tools. Focusing on the total solution, ChristianSteven ensures that your business has all the resources necessary to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve performance benchmarks.

Our key offerings include Crystal Reports scheduling, SSRS report automation, and Microsoft Access report automation. Moreover our consultancy service applies more than 20 years of business intelligence, reporting, and database management skills to the industry’s most complicated problems.

CRD: Our flagship product does more than simply execute and schedule crystal reports, it introduces unique Event Driven, Data-Driven, and Bursting engines providing powerful options for Crystal Report automation. Saving time and money, CRD has been a popular enterprise Crystal Report Distributor for more than a decade.

CSSPortal: Accessed via any HTML supported web browser, use our Report Portal to generate ad hoc Crystal Reports or SSRS reports and download reports from the report server. It’s easy to generate a report. Simply click an uploaded report, select the desired parameters, and generate the report. Users can view Crystal Reports on a mobile device as well. SQL Reports and Crystal Reports can be viewed on iOS and Android devices. For iOS users, integration is available for applications such as Dropbox or iPrint. With CSSPortal, Administrators can serve both SQL Reporting Services reports and Crystal Reports within the same portal.

SQL-RD: Take SQL Server Reporting Services to the next level. Managing multiple SSRS instances from a single interface, customized file output, and an integrated business process automation suite are just a few major features that do not exist in Reporting Services.

MARS: Schedule Microsoft Access reports, query/queries, and macros with ease. Manage Access reports across multiple databases from a simple and easy to use interface. Moreover, use MARS to automatically update databases, modify tables, and transfer information.

CSSWeb: Extend report scheduling and task automation across the business environment. With CSSWeb, Users can schedule Crystal Reports or Automate SQL Server Reports through a browser. Deploying CSSWeb enables a business to access reports, execute tasks, and preview reports, wrapped in a familiar and intuitive interface.

Professional Services: When businesses encounter challenging problems, our highly trained consultants are equipped to deal with most situations from integrating multiple solutions, deploying new systems, or managing complex projects. Combine any of our key products with professional services to garner even more business benefit.

OEM Branded Partnerships: Leverage your existing solutions with ChristianSteven's process scheduling and report automation software. Seamlessly integrate ChristianSteven technology with your own products, adding value to your existing customer base, while gaining a competitive advantage through offering powerful time and cost saving capabilities.

Now more than ever, Business Process Automation is a key activity for businesses. Deploying ChristianSteven products demonstrates a focused, proactive approach to saving costs and dealing with key issues in business intelligence. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, ChristianSteven Software provides solutions that are flexible for your business model, tailored for your needs, and are completely automated, requiring no intervention.

Easy. Powerful. Instant results!
Low Cost of Ownership.
High Return on Investment (ROI).
Free Fully-Featured trials available.
Free Fully-Featured trials available.
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CRD is a huge timesaver. By getting the reporting done outside of normal working hours it allows employees to be more productive and focus on more meaningful tasks.

-- Monica Pepe, System Support Administrator, NextGen Healthcare Information Systems

The other reporting program [we tested] had a lot of complicated coding, but CRD had a lot of nice set-up wizards so anyone could pick it up and use it. CRD just did a much better job and the interface was much easier to work with.

-- Jason Patterson, PMP, Manager of CRM Applications, MMPI

SQL-RD is very intuitive and easy to use, and, because it was written specifically for a Microsoft SQL Server environment, it was also simple to integrate.

-- Scott Lord, IS Manager, Zintel Group

We use Crystal Reports so CRD (Crystal Reports Distribution) was a great fit. It was intuitive and easy to use and we soon had a successful pilot running. We started running our first live schedules shortly after that.

-- Joe Malynowsky, Service Delivery Officer, Provident Financial

This is a key business process and SQL-RD has proved to be very robust, running in-line, in real-time with no major issues. Quotations are now automatically dispatched by email or fax as soon as the sales person clicks ‘send’, with invoices queued to be sent overnight.

-- Bill Ramsay, Information Systems Manager, Barr Limited

Being able to automate reliable and relevant reports on time and to the people who need them makes all the difference in how we conduct our business.

-- Christa Anderson, Accounting Manager, Air Force One

MARS has easily paid for itself several times over in the few years we have been using the product. It has consistently ensured our Supply Chain team has the right information at the right time in order to operate efficiently, minimising stock holding and maximising sales by ensuring we meet demand. Plus we have saved a huge amount of money by not needing an army of administrators to simply churn out reports.

-- Karl Glover, Logistics Support Manager, Virgin Mobile

CRD has easily justified itself through our increased cash flow as well as the cost savings of electronically delivering our statements and invoices.

-- Ben Holmes, IT Director, EMPR®Australia

I am very pleased by how quickly we have been able to deliver tangible benefits for the business using the ChristianSteven Software CRD product.

-- Jake Austen, BI Development Manager, Babcock Rail

Before adding CRD, generating reports and work orders took about four hours a day – that’s more than 1,000 work hours and 26 work days a year. It’s also saved Cessna lost time due to equipment problems because CRD has greatly reduced reactive maintenance and replaced it with a preventive maintenance strategy

-- Randy Thon, Head of Maintenance Engineering, Cessna Aircraft

CRD is incredibly reliable and stable which gives us the confidence to let it automatically deliver reports while we focus our efforts on other IT challenges. CRD is also intelligent enough not to swamp our management team with reports if there are no changes and nothing new to report on.

-- Neil Williams, Information Analyst, Herefordshire Housing

CRD has helped Revival extensively in all aspects of our business,” says Akselrud. “When I think of CRD I think of something that makes such an impact the results are immeasurable. It’s central to what we’re doing as a home care agency – giving us the data we need to really streamline the whole operation.

-- Yossi Akselrud, Director of IT, Revival Home Health Care.

SQL-RD provides consistent, timely reporting of strategic business information to company decision makers. This information is used by executives to identify efficiencies and best practices in patient care

-- Brandon Ludwig, System Administrator, Signature HealthCARE

I don’t have many applications running on our system that I love, but this is one of them. It makes my job much easier – and more importantly it shares the knowledge we have within our databases, allowing us to tap into that information and use it to improve our organization.

-- Nick Altizer, Chief Information Officer, Lone Star Legal Aid

CRD allows our employees to make sense out of data by giving them the information they want, in a format they like, exactly when they want it. Just set it and forget it – that’s what I do with CRD.

-- Charles Witt, IT Administrator, Uniweld Products

And the great thing is we are only just scratching the surface of what CRD can do for the SWWCN. We are already building other applications using some of CRD’s advanced scheduling types, such as events-based schedules, to, for example, ensure that chemotherapy treatment ordered on an individual patient basis is received on time. This will further extend the value of CRD as well as our return on investment in this unique piece of software.

-- Gail Povey, Lead Pharmacist for the ChemoCare Service, South West Wales Cancer Network,

Once set up and confi gured on a robust platform CRD runs unassisted, freeing up hours of resources every month. Without automation we would require a full-time informatics administrator, this alone has meant CRD has already paid for itself several times over

-- Danny Palmer, Medicines Procurement Specialist, Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

For example, our Children’s Social Worker team now has all its case information for the week waiting in their inboxes on Monday morning

-- Lee Coulson, Performance Support Officer, Torbay Council